Water dispenser rental (cold and hot)

Convenient tall dispenser / water dispenser (cold and hot)

Volume of the tube: 19 ltr.

Dimensions 299 x 286 x 153 mm

Power: 500 W

Power supply: standard outlet

Weight: 10 kg.

Material: PVC, metal, rubber, glass

Flow of cold water 5 l for 1 hour.

Hot water flow rate 0.5 l for 1 hour.

Mixer: Manual

Separate buttons for cooling and heating water: Yes

Color: White

Prices for rent are per unit.

We can offer 5 units

For your convenience, we can also provide water tubes and install them.

Prices (the price per day for 1, 2, 3  or 3+ days):

Unit 1 ден 2 дни 3 дни 3+ дни
Rent of 1 water dispenser 35.00 BGN 30,00 BGN 25.00 BGN 20.00 BGN