Rental of aluminum trusses

Brand: Eurotruss & GlobalTruss

Type: HD/FD33 aluminum truss

Material: aluminum

Types: straight elements, angles, circles, accessories to them

Lengths: various

Weight: ~4.5 kg / m

FD33 straight elements lend themselves to use as span exposed to bending stress resistant span up to 12m.
Designed for high frequency usage or installations, which demands higher loading. Combined with HD34 / FD34, they posses a broad range of applications.
Made with the fast connection system and approved according the DIN 4113 specifications by the TUV.

• Tolerance free conical connector
• Wall thickness of 2mm for 50mm main tubes
• Also available in any nonstandard length and shape
• TuV approved

Width: 290mm
Main Tube: 50 x 2mm
Braces: 20 x 2mm
Material: EN AW-6082 T6
Connection: CS1-CON

Prices for rent are per 0,5 m. unit or 1 corner unit.

We can provide the right amount for any event. We offer delivery and installation.

Prices (the price per day for 1, 2, 3  or 3+ days):

Unit 1 day 2 days 3 days 3+ days
Rent of 0.5 meter or 1 “corner” type connecting element 25.00 BGN 20.00 BGN 15.00 BGN 13.00 BGN
Stage covering (price per 1 m2) up to 7 meters high from level 0 of the main stage floor (includes columns, bases, steps, bases, trolleys, tops, hoists) 40.00 BGN 25.00 BGN 18.00 BGN 15.00 BGN