Laptop rental

Brand: Toshiba, Dell, HP, Vaio, IBM

Dimensions: 13-15-17 inches

We can provide 100 pcs. (quantity discounts)

Color: white, gray, black

The set includes: a mouse and a power cable with an adapter

Option: software of your choice with the given licenses for the period of use, pre-installing and configuring each machine according to your requirements

Minimum quantity when renting laptops ONLY: 5 pcs.

The rental price is per unit.

Цени (цената е на ден при 1, 2, 3 или 3+ дни):

Unit 1 ден 2 дни 3 дни 3+ дни
Rent of 1 portable computer (laptop) 70.00 BGN 55.00 BGN 50.00 BGN 45.00 BGN