Gimbal Xmart GS-5 Gyroscope Phone Stand Rental

Connect the GS-5 to your smartphone via Bluetooth and create exciting content – videos or photos using the PRO features of the Gimble Pro App. This device is designed to eliminate vibrations and shakes when taking photos, stabilizing your smartphone. It also helps achieve better focus when taking photos.

3 operating modes:

  • Pan&Tilt Follow – Tracking the movement when tilting and turning the arm;
  • Pan Follow – Tracking the movement when turning the arm;
  • Lock Mode – Locking the rotation and tilting.

The GS-5 features:

  • Joystick to control the smartphone in any direction;
  • Button for smooth control of the Zoom function;
  • Separate button for shooting – Shutter, located on the back of the handle;
  • Ability to place the smartphone in landscape or portrait mode; Adjustable balance arm; Up to 12 hours of work on a single charge of the built-in battery; Ability to charge other devices via USB; Dedicated application for Android or iOS smartphone Gimble Pro App – Offers multiple functions that enable the creation of exciting videos and photos;Included mini tripod, hand strap, carrying case, USB charging cable;Other features:Movement range: Pan: 330°, Roll: 160°, Tilt: 325° ;Compatible smartphones: Screen up to 6.5″, Weight: 75~250g; Bluetooth: V4.2; Built-in battery: 4400 mAh; Power supply: DC 5V, 1A; Working time: 10~12 hours; Charging time: 5 hours; Operating temperature: 0°C – 40°C; Weight: 460 g.
  • The rental price is per unit.

We can provide 3 units.

Prices (price is per day for 1, 2, 3 or 3+ days):

Unit 1 day 2 дdaysи 3 days 3+ days
Gimbal Xmart GS-5 Gyroscope Phone Stand Rental 40.00 BGN 30.00 BGN 25.00 BGN 20.00 BGN