Security metal detector rental

Power supply: 1 battery 9V(6F22)

Frequency: 22KHz

Working power: 50mA

Operating voltage: 7V-9V

Visual indication: Red / Green light;

Sound indication: Yes

Vibrating indication: Yes

Control On/Off button: Yes

Low sensitivity button: Yes

Sensitivity Adjuster: You can adjust by yourself the level of sensitivity of the device

High sensitivity: 15mm for a needle;

Low sensitivity: The detector detects only larger objects, such as a knife and short firearm

Dimensions: 41(L) x 8.5(W) x 4.5(H) cm.

Weight: 409 g.

Color: Black with yellow lettering

Belt holster: Yes

Battery: Yes

Maximum detection range: Pistol 38 cal. (15-20 cm.), Pocket knife (10-15 cm.), Razor (5-10 cm.)

Comment: The detector is equipped with a vibration button, also located on the side. The vibration function can be used in noisy places or in situations where the user does not want the sound of the detector to be heard by others.

Prices for rent are per unit.

We can offer 5 units

Prices (the price per day for 1, 2, 3  or 3+ days):

Unit 1 day 2 days 3 days 3+ days
Rent of 1 manual security metal detector 50.00 BGN 40.00 BGN 30.00 BGN 35.00 BGN