Наем на светлинен следач (пушка)

Марка: LDR CANTO 1200 TH

Тип: на триножна стойка

Материал: метал, пластмаса, гума, стъкло

Тегло: 18,00 кг. – 25,00 кг. (2 части)

Наемната цена е за 1 бр.

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This compact, short to medium throw followpot, now available in the upgraded and completely re-engineered MK2 version, uses a dimmable 1200W tungsten halogen source. It includes advanced features such as a double condenser zoom optical system, double microswitch interlock for safe lamp replacement, a large side handle control pan and tilt movement.

An iris diaphgram, mechanical dimmer, spigot, colour frame and 2m mains cable are all included as standard. A five-colour colour charger unit is available as an optional extra.


• Beam style: well-defined, flat field profile projection

• Suitable for: small, medium scale theatre

• Specification level: professional range

• Beam angle: 8° – 22°

• Typical throw distance: 10 – 20m

• Max. Lamp Watts: 1200W

• Lamp base: GX9.5

• Auto-disconnect: double-pole microswitch

• Cable/connection: 2m 3×1.5mm2 flexible cable to bare ends

• Lamp House: Construction extruded aluminium and sheet steel

• Reflector: 68mm diameter, aluminium

• Optical system: double condenser with variable zoom

• Mounting & suspension: steel stirrup with 12mm centre hole and DIN mounting.

• Spigot: for Ф28mm tube supplied

• Filter cut size: 185 x 185mm

• Accessory runners: 3 slots

• Colour frame: metal, 185 x 185mm, supplied

• Lamp access: lowering base

• Lens access: sliding panels beneath lamp tube

• Focus adjustment: slide zoom controls (dia/ softness) at side

• Lamp alignment: factory set

• Beam Shaping: 20-leaf iris included; shutters are accessories

• Dimming: by mains supply + optical dimmer iris included

• Positional adjustment: lever tilt clamp

• Handle: large rear and side


• Dimensions: 980 x 350 x 430mm

• Weight/Packed weight: 18kg / 22,4kg

• Packed volume: 0.204m3

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